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Pedicure is not just a beauty treatment. It helps to prevent nail disorders and diseases. Pedicure means massaging of the legs and moisturizing it with lotions decorate with colorful nail polish.

The Pedicure treatment applies to the toenails like the fingernails, but while getting a pedicure, the sole of the feet are scrubbed with pumice to prevent the build-up of dead cells.

Have you ever noticed down at your chipped, chapped, hangnail ridden hands or toes and realized when did you do the last pedicure? It’s hard to remember until we feel things have gotten out of pretty or control to deal with.

How often to get a pedicure?

It’s necessary to find out how often should you get a pedicure treating ourselves? You need to know about the classic pedicure entails and what to expect from a pedicure treatment.

Pedicure treatment:
Pedicures are ideal for all women those really want to main smooth and silky feet. It helps to prevent germs, clean up cuticles and maintain skinny moisturize feet.

Once Pedicure is done, you feel like beautiful, pampered and colorful toes with smoothness on feet and toes. It’s really an amazing feeling.

Coming to the point how often should you have a pedicure? A monthly pedicure during the winter season is advisable. If you are diligent in removing dead skin cells and callus and wants to maintain moisturizing, shaping the toenails, trimming and skinny feet a fortnight treatment must be followed.

It’s based on your skin texture you should wait between pedicures. If you are a sports person then a pedicure treatment for once in a week must be followed.

The longevity depends on how often you should have a pedicure and how much activity your feet face every day as well as the weather condition.

Variations of Pedicure

Are you confused about how often should have a pedicure? Here is the answer to your question. You must choose the best affordable & suitable pedicure for your skin type.

Basic Pedicure: An affordable pedicure without frills gives fresh and smooth feet within half an hour. Just soak your feet get a massage and make your feet moisturized. Use a colorful nail polish brings beauty to your feet.

Gel Pedicure: This pedicure use gel nail polish and UV light for a long lasting result. Gel polish is quick to dry and provide the best result to your feet & toes.

Hot stone: This outstanding pedicure combine’s normal pedicure with luxurious hot towels of hot stone massage on feet of about 15 minutes leaves your skin tone healthy and enhances the relaxation experience.


Salt Scrub Pedicure: In case if you have rough foot, you may think how often should you have a pedicure? In that case, you definitely go for a salt scrub pedicure.

This pedicure involves a longer massage on the foot is a deluxe style pedicure enhances the fragrant salt scrub on the feet. It provides smoothness to the rough feet.

Paraffin Pedicure: The dry or cracked skin type person uses paraffin pedicure. This is an excellent pedicure preferred for all various season especially summer.

The foot is coated with paraffin wax that intensively moisturizes the feet produce the best result for skin and adds beauty to the feet. Add a colorful nail polish suitable for preferred skin color adds additional beauty.

Pedicure is a beauty treatment helps to maintain the hygiene of toenails. Pedicure takes care of brittle nails, ingrown nails and prevent from germs.