What is the LCO method for hair

As black women, we all know that it is important to lock moisture into our hair for growth, long retention and full head.

The l.o.c and l.c.o methods do this. While these approaches are widely used in the natural haircare culture, it can also help relaxed ladies.

What is the LOC approach?

When using LCO method for hair, you first add liquids, seal them with oil and then use a cream or powder such as shea butter.

What is the LCO approach?

The lco approach refers to the liquid, which is accompanied by cream and eventually oil, such as beaver oil or grapes oil.

What are the benefits of LCO for hair?

Both methods are designed to lock moisture because of the layering mechanism. Water is supreme as the ultimate moisturizer, cream provides a thicker layer which further supports hydration when combined with water, adds softness and ensures that no humidity is lost. Oil produces a thin layer of lubrication over the hair and prevents moisture loss.lco method

So, what is the best method? Neither! Neither! If you are natural, telexed or relaxed, everything depends on the porosity of your hair. If you do not know the porosity of your hair, please check our article on your hair porosity understanding.

We all know that it is important to keep your hair hydrated in the winter months and of course it can seem to be an endless battle! While the l.o.c and l.c.o system in the natural haircare group is widely used, relaxed ladies will benefit from it as well.

L.o.c is the product order application acronym used for liquid, oil and cream hairs; l.c.o is the liquid, cream and oil acronym. Both are built to lock moisture because of its layering process! Water is the ultimate moisturizer, oil provides a thin layer over the hair that improves lubrication, prevents moisture loss and provides a denser layer that leads to extra moisture, softness and guarantees no moisture loss.

Can it be used daily?

This method will help you keep moisture intact for 3 + days until reuse is required.

In general, both loc and lco approaches are very helpful to your hair and will make you say goodbye to dry unhealthy hair.