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Toner vs Astringent

The integumentary system runs all over the body protecting it from various harmful infections.

It is the veil that protects the body from any invasions. It is much sensitive and softer when it comes to the face. Since face has only a thin layer of muscle when compared to other parts taking good care of it is vital. The face is the first thing people notice about a person. It is the basic identity by which a person is remembered. No one can take better care of it rather than oneself.

toner vs astringent


Cleansers are chemical or organic liquids used to remove the dirt and impurities of the skin on a superficial level. They act as a cleaning agent that cleans excess oil and other unwanted substances that cause damage to the skin. Cleansers can be used at any time. They can be used after removing makeup or before wearing makeup. Or they can simply be used to just wipe clean any dirt on the skin.

There are two types of cleansers. One is a toner and the other one is called an astringent.

Toners and astringents are beauty cosmetic products that are widely used everywhere. They are used to improve the superficial or surface of the skin. Toners seem to remove perspirations or oil or any leftover makeup from the skin.  An astringent, on the other hand, is a chemical. It is used to remove any makeup or wipe clean the face and close the pores. However, both of these products show different effects on different skin types.

Is astringent the same as the toner

The answer is no. Astringent and toner is not the same. They are indeed two different cosmetic products however both are basically used to cleanse the surface of the skin. So the answer to the question, is toner and astringent the same? Is obviously a no.

Toners are milder producers than astringents. Toners are mild products that are seen to typically contain natural ingredients. They have water, which is steeped with flowers or herbal essences.  Rosewater and aloe vera extract are some of the common examples of toners. Whereas Astringents are chemicals made of alcohol-based products.

The main difference between astringent and toner is that toner is light and natural at times while astringents are fully chemical and are alcohol based liquids.

Effect of toners and astringents on skin

People with sensitive skin might better opt for a toner because it is mild and does not cause any adversities. Astringent work well on nonsensitive, oily and rough skin types. Since astringents contain alcohol and other product called witch hazel it is drying and should be used only when there is excess oil or makeup residing back.

Astringents may dry up the skin leaving diminishing effects on skin and affects pores while toners give a good balance to the skin. Toners are slightly acidic hence; they maintain the pH balance of the skin.