Lipstick Bleeding


From jazzing the basic outfit to pulling an entire make up look, Lipstick is one of the most favorites make up item in the ladies handbag.

It is possible to rock different shade from burgundy to fuchsia to tangerine to everywhere and every day of the week. The use of lipstick is tricky if your lip color doesn’t suit the brand or the color variation it leads to severe bleeding. This occurred due to super – annoying makeup issue.

It is necessary to prevent lipstick from bleeding. So what you must do? Here is the best trick to keep lipstick from bleeding

Moisturize and exfoliate your pout

In the first step, one must consider exfoliating the lips before applying lipstick color. On the surface of the lips, dead skins are build up, so sought them by scrubbing the lips.

Now apply moisturizing lip balm to keep your pout hydrated. This greatly helps to stop lipstick from bleeding.

prevent lipstick from bleeding

Use of Lip Liner to stop lipstick from bleeding

The use of lip liner not only makes your lip color longer last but it also helps from feathering, smudging and bleeding.

Start by lining the outside of your lips with the lip liner to help fill in any fine lines. Then, fill the lips with the help of a liner with a matching shade that helps to prevent any lipstick bleeding.

Prime the lips with concealer to protect the lips from bleeding

The concealer on the face helps to smoothen the base, in turn, helps to smoothen the lips. Always use a concealer on the face and apply a small bit on your lips with makeup blender helps to keep lipstick from bleeding. Now with the choice of lip color use a lip brush and apply on the lips.

Long Wear Lipstick to keep lipstick from bleeding

If you want to prevent lipstick from bleeding ensure that your lip look stays for as long as possible. A long wear lipstick helps to keep lipstick from bleeding.

Blot and lipstick with Translucent Powder

After applying concealer, long wear lipstick now gently blot your lips with a tissue. Now with the help of a powder brush, apply translucent powder to set your lips and protect lipstick from bleeding.

Pat and Smudge the Lipstick

The “pat-smudge” technique is an easy way to prevent lipstick from bleeding. With the help of your finger gently pat on lip color and smudge slightly. Remember to use your ring finger for smudge it.

Once you are set with all the above techniques now apply a setting spray of your favorite color gives perfection and prevent lipstick from bleeding for the whole day!